Arthur Berzinsh (born 1983) is a master's graduate of the Latvian Academy of Art Department of Visual Communication, one of the most original to emerge from this department in recent times. The artist, who has actively participated in exhibitions for 10 years now, has forged the reputation of being a "refined hooligan". And, quite so, his creative output-visually expressive and mannerly works - tends to trigger emotions which can make thoughts fidget and wriggle, unable to find a comfortable position among the impressions gathered. (..) In general terms, Bērziņš' creative work is characterized by a varied range of voluptuous erotica, intensified imagery, dream­like scenes and decorativeness weighed down by visual meta­phors and contrasts teetering on the edge of symbolism, post­modernism with its characteristic plundering of stylistic purity, citations and irony, and highlights the acutely romantic shadings. 

 (Katrīna Teivāne-Korpa, magazine  october / november 2012)  

Arthur Berzinsh works often remind elusive, distant, even mythical images, while the hidden meaning of the works show a deep attachment to human psychological problems, as well as the painful socio-political issues. Bt the cross sections of male / female relationships is intertwined with the artist attempts to access the woman closer. The human being is depicted as a microchip, including not only the body and the psychological dimensions of emotions, but also the mind and the structure of categorization performance.

(Anitra Velde,, November, 2009)


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