Arthur Berzinsh works often remind elusive, distant, even mythical images, while the hidden meaning of the works show a deep attachment to human psychological problems, as well as the painful socio-political issues. But the cross sections of male / female relationships is intertwined with the artist attempts to access the woman closer. The human being is depicted as a microchip, including not only the body and the psychological dimensions of emotions, but also the mind and the structure of categorization performance.

(Anitra Velde,, November, 2009)

Throughout the works the aesthetic dimension of the story lies in the expansion. A. Berzinsh's themes are female / male relationships, the inner conflict issues, attempts to survive in networks of social practices - the author's works have been covered by a subtle assistance of phantasmagoria. These metamorphoses symbols, characters, kitsch aesthetic and cultural quotations or conceptual contrasts mixed more and more into the extravagant metaphysical body.  The body, which leads into it's depths - the object of love. To the finest human psychological experiences. And invites to touch it. Touch the very heart.

Born: April 20th, 1983 in Riga, Latvia.

 2009 - 2012 Latvian Academy of Art. Department of Visual Communication. MA
 2005 - 2009 Latvian Academy of Art. Department of Visual Communication. BA
 2000 - 2005 Janis Rozentals Riga School of Art.

 Since 2011 member of Artists' Union of Latvia (LMS)
 Since 2006 member of New Artists' Association of Latvia (LJMA).

 Sphere of activity:
 Fine arts, audio-visual communication; painting; film direction; advertising; illustration; music; animation 

 Solo Exhibitions:
2018 "Great Loneliness" (gallery Museum LV un Grata JJ, Andreja Pumpura 2, Riga Latvia)
 2017 “Barotava” (Daugavpils Marka Rotko mākslas centrs, Daugavpils, Latvija)
 2014 "National Post-Romanticism" (Gallery "Bastejs", Alksnaja 7, Riga Latvia)
 2012 "Forgotten Dream Shop" (Gertrudes 110, Riga Latvia)
 2011 "Biopunk" (Happy Art Museum, Galleria Riga, Riga, Latvia)
 2010 “Inside Entrails” (gallery "Pegazs", Riga, Latvia)
 2009 „Coca-ine from LV” (gallery "Pegazs", Riga, Latvia)

 Exhibitions / art projects:

 2018 "Hardbingers: The Rapture" (group exhibition, Harbingers gallery, 30D Great Sutton Street, London, UK)
 2018 "Mistērija: Rituālā māksla" (group exhibition, gallery Museum LV un Grata JJ, Andreja Pumpura 2, Riga Latvia)
 2017 “Art Riga 2017” (art festival, Riga Railway Museum, Riga, Latvia)
 2016 “Selfportrait. Identity” (group exhibition “Mākslas Dienas 2016”, Latvian Artists' Union gallery, Rīga, Latvija)
 2015 “30 no 30” (group exhibition, Kuldiga Artists' Residency, Kuldiga, Latvia)
 2015 “Art Riga 2015” (art festival, Riga Railway Museum, Riga, Latvia)
 2015 “Anima” (retrospective exhibition, hotel “Roma”, Riga, Latvia)
 2015 “Artūrs Bērziņš” (retrospective exhibition, culture house “Sea Gates”, Ventspils, Latvia)
 2014 “Art Riga 2014” (art festival, Riga Railway Museum, Riga, Latvia)
2014 „Latvian Classics and Contemporaries” (auction, Baltic Auction House, exhibition hall „Happy Art Museum“, Riga, Latvia)
 2014 „Just a moment” (group exhibition, „Rietumu Banka” gallery, Riga, Latvia)
2013 „Autumn” (group exhibition, LMS gallery, Riga, Latvia)
 2013 „Art Morse Code” (group exhibition, „Rietumu Banka” gallery, Riga, Latvia)
2013 „Arthur Berzinsh in Valmiera” („Laipa” gallery, Valmiera, Latvia)
2013 ”Odinochka” („Loner”) (exhibition hall „Happy Art Museum“, „Galleria Riga“, Riga, Latvia)
2013 Riga before Albert's” (group exhibition, Latvian Architecture Museum, Riga, Latvia)
 2012 "The Naughty Ones" (exhibition, Latvian National Museum of Arts - Exhibition hall "Arsenals", Riga, Latvia)
 2012 "Vous Banque" (exhibition, "Rietumu Banka", Riga, Latvia)
2012 "Anima" (exhibition, "Bubamara", Audeju 8, Riga, Latvia
2012 "Adult Faerytales" (exhibition, "Nabaklab", Riga, Latvia
2011 "Acts" (exhibition, "309. Kabinets", Talsi, Latvia
2010 "2 Annas 2010" (film festival, "Naba Klab", Riga, Latvia)
2010 “Theme” (group exhibition, "Naba Klab", Riga, Latvia)
 2009 "Autumn 2009" (group exhibition, "Museum of Happy Art", Riga, Latvia)
 2009 "Deaf Mute Beauty and the Wreck" (studio BBbinnija, Riga, Latvia)
 2009 "Chekhov: Instruments for Soul" (art project, Krakow, Poland)
 2009 "Rent 00-10" (VKN BA diploma work exhibition, Kr. Valdemara 18, Riga, Latvia)
 2009 "Circus" (art project / group exhibition, Vidzemes market, Riga, Latvia)
 2009 "Vilhelm!" (group exhibition, gallery "21", Riga, Latvia)
 2009 "Imagine" (travelling exhibition, Latvia)
 2008 "Broadcast" (travelling exhibition, Riga cinema, Riga, Latvia)
 2008 "Art Needs Sacrifice. Sacrifice Needs Art" (group exhibition, Andrejsala, Riga, Latvia)
 2008 "Adwards" (advertisement festival, Riga, Latvia)
 2007 "Autumn 2007" (group exhibition, Riga Post building, Riga, Latvia)
 2007 "Itch" (group exhibition, LMS gallery, Riga, Latvia)
 2007 "Spiritual Surgery" (exhibition of Arturs Berzins and Ieva Balode, Students club, Riga, Latvia)
 2007 "Waterpieces 2007" (video art festival, gallery "NOASS", Riga, Latvia)
 2007 "Ahuns" (video art festival, Daugavgrivas 31k, Riga, Latvia)
 2007 "Heart of a Dog" (group exhibition, "Andaluzijas Suns", Riga, Latvia)
 2007 "Expression Session" (festival, Talsi, Latvia)
 2007 "International Herald Tribune" (video art festival, Riga Cinema museum, Riga, Latvia)
 2006 ""Heart of a Dog" Four Years Retrospective" (group exhibition, Andrejsala, Riga, Latvia)
 2006 "Waterpieces 2006" (video art festival, Pink House, Riga Cinema, Riga, Latvia)
 2006 "Hope Chest" (group exhibition, gallery "Bonhans.S." Riga, Latvia)
 2006 "Signs of Time" (group exhibition, Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga, Latvia)
 2006 "December Madness" (exhibition, "Melna Piektdiena", Riga, Latvia)
 2006 "Ba Rock" (video installations, Baltic Beach Hotel, Jurmala, Latvia)
 2005 "Fresh Ear" (group exhibition, Valnu 23, Riga, Latvia)
 2005 "Rebirth" (group exhibition, Riga Council, Riga, Latvia)
 2005 "Waterpieces 2005" (video art festival, gallery "Noass", Riga, Latvia)
 2004 "Neon Gates" (audio-visual project, Riga, Latvia)
 2004 "2 Annas 2004" (short film festival, Riga, Latvia)
 2002-2003 Group exhibition cycle at "Pie Lauvam"
 2001 "Riga 800" (exhibition, "Pie Lauvam", Riga, Latvia)

 Film direction:
 2009 "Blind Alley" (reel, 33 min.)
 2008 "Home Video" (animation)
 2008 "Light" (animation)
 2005 "Small Paradoxes of a Big Life" (animation)
 2005 "His Legacy for the Church and the World" (animation)
 2005 "Our l'Amour" (art video / music video)
 2004 "Your Light" (music video)
 2004 "Aqua Man (art video)
 2004 "Funeral For My Baby" (music video)
 2004 "l'Eden Noir" (animation)
 2003 "Sherds" (music video)
 2002 "Rosanna in the Ring Trajectory" (art video)

 Composed music for:
 2011 "Koronar" music album "Biopunk Romantica" (audio CD)
 2010 "Mushroomers" trailer (Ivar Tontegode's film trailer)
 2009 "Forget-Me-Nots" (A. Rusevich's film)
 2009 "Blind Alley" (A. Berzinsh's film)
 2008 "Alone" (Ivar Tontegode's film)
 since 1998 alternative rock project "Diadema" (1998-2004 - "Angel's Tears")
 since 2004 - electronic music project "Lenoras Sapni"

 Worked for:
 "New Wave 2006" / "Novaja Volna 2006"
 "Mitsubishi" ("!MOOZ")
 Latvian Ministry Of Culture "!MOOZ")
 "Nord Productions"
 "Latvijas Dziesmu un Deju Svetki" ("!MOOZ")
 "Zvaigzne ABC"
 "DA Agency"
 A lot of rock bands used his artworks for CD covers.

Works in private collections: Latvia, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Finland.